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10inch Selfie Ring Light with 210cm Long Tripod Stand and Cell Phone Holder

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  • Dimmable Ring Light: Provide 3 lighting modes and 10 adjustable brightness, meet all lighting needs.
  • Adjustable Tripod: The adjustable tripod can extend for perfect shooting. The tripod itself can be taken apart for use as a selfie stick and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Compact Design Extendable Selfie Sticks: The compact selfie stick is easy to use and durable. With the Remote Shutter, you may take lots of vivid pictures as the photographers do. The Remote Shutter is compatible with android phones and all iPhones. The selfie stick is your good travel companion.
  • Universal Phone Holder: Compatible with most smartphones such as iPhone and Samsung models.
  • Wide Application: The selfie ring light, which is stable and durable, is suitable for serving as a table lamp, floor lamp, makeup fill-in light, etc

10" Selfie Ring Light with 210CM Long Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder


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10inch Selfie Ring Light with 210cm Long Tripod Stand and Cell Phone Holder

Be camera-ready anytime, anywhere with the 10inch Selfie Ring Light with 210cm Long Tripod Stand and Cell Phone Holder. The selfie ring light features 120 LED lights that provide a wider range of brightness. The 3 color lighting modes, namely white, yellow, warm, and 10 adjustable brightness levels from dark to bright meet all your needs in different circumstances. Just lock the ring light at the desired length, and you are good to go!


Weight 152 g
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 6 cm

1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

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  1. littlelotusblossom

    It’s hard to complain about an adjustable ring light with bluetooth remote and multiple settings that costs under $50. I’m going to anyway. :DThough the instruction booklet says it comes with an USB AC adapter, I did not receive one with mine, and I see that it’s a common theme with many other reviewers. As in many households, I happen to have an adapter from my phone but It’s really not cool that I have to provide my own.I purchased this ring light for zoom meetings and in my particular home setup, the power cord is not quite long enough, though to be fair, this product’s 5ft cord is a reasonable length, it’s my house layout that’s stupid. The camera holder clamps onto the tripod inside the ring. I’m a bit concerned that this clamp will eventually loosen or break off; I have to adjust it every time I use the ring light as it starts to slide down the piece it’s clamped to.What I do like about Rovtop 10 inch Ring Light with Stand Tripod: the plastic LED ring bulb is adjustable from cool, natural and warm with a click of the corded control. The brightness is also adjustable. The Bluetooth remote is strictly for snapping photos/starting/ending videos, no light control on it. It’s more than bright enough for my meager needs. As to the tripod, it’s lightweight and height adjustable in three places.Overall, I think it’s excellent value. With some adjustments on my end, it does what I want it to do, provides good lighting and keeps my phone steady as I snap photos and participate in my work meetings. I would buy it again.


  2. Christina

    I always wanted a ring light but never felt I could just the $$$ price tag. I came across this product and decided to give it a try! For the cost, it is very reasonable. It came packaged very nicely. Everything was laid out nice and neat. It was really easy to set up. There is a book with instructions but everything was self explanatory in my opinion. Took less than 5 minutes to setup. The phone holder felt secure with my iPhone XR. It comes with a remote to connect with your phone via Bluetooth. I had no issues as it connected fast and worked great. The ring itself is super light weight. It comes in 3 settings that can be changed with a remove attached to the cord. You can increase the brightness as well as lower it. The intensity of the light works best close up, not so much far away. It would be more idea to have an attachment to put your phone in the middle of the ring light but I see there is a screw to do so. So might have to look into that. If anything you can get a second tripod and just have it behind the ring light. I like it overall. I use it to do my makeup as well as selfies! So multi-use 🙂


  3. sabina

    Honestly for the price of this set, it was a great deal. Quick shipping, love how easy it is to put together to use and the brightness is great. Had 3 different light color settings and even comes with a bluetooth remote you can set up on your phone to make taking pictures easier. Highly recommend!


  4. Norm

    I have always wanted a ring light but was always hesitant because of the price. Then, I found this item, with a very reasonable price! I ordered it right away (and even got a better deal on Prime Day) that was even less than one I purchased at Marshalls with no tripod stand. I love the tripod stand, as it was the problem with the one I bought not on amazon. It was slightly difficult to assemble with directions that were not easy to understand. However, once I got it figured out, it looks great! The only thing is the light isn’t as bright as I expected, its a little dimmer than others I have seen. The light really is kind of tiny considering its only 10″, but if you dont need a professional one and just want one to use for fun, then it works just as good as a larger one! The remote it came with also didnt work, so I had to order a replacement, so I hope that one works!


  5. Lexy Shauers

    The instructions were difficult to get through, but once I figured it out, I was super impressed! I used to do weekly Facebook Live Shows for a job I used to have and I really wish I had this back then. It’s so great that you can not only adjust brightness, but also whether the light is cool, neutral, or warm. I’m attaching a picture of all of these settings so you can see the difference.The height adjusts in 3 different places, so it’s super customizable. The stand can be anywhere from 2’4″ to 5′ tall. You can rotate the light and also raise or lower it by pushing it to either side.Unlike a lot of products, this came with everything it needed to work, including a battery and power adapter. I put the bluetooth shutter remote on a lanyard so I wouldn’t lose it since it’s small. The shutter remote uses a battery, but the light needs to be plugged in to work. I needed a power strip to make the cord long enough to move it away from the wall. I guess you could buy an extension cord if you needed it to be longer.There is a place to attach your phone in the middle of the ring light, but no pieces to actually make that happen. Since the product isn’t actually advertising that as a possibility, I think it’s a surprise bonus rather than an oversight.The only complaint I have is that the base is wobbly. I could make it balance, but I was afraid it would fall when I added the weight of my phone. To even things out, I put a book on the bar supporting the back leg.For my purposes, this works really well. If you don’t need it to be far away from a wall and you are willing to weigh down the back (both have pretty easy solutions), this product is probably for you.

    Lexy Shauers

  6. Pinktique

    It has 3 colors & multiple levels of brightness. It also came with a nice box for storage. The android user in me was a little irked that the iphone button on the remote was so large & the android button was like an afterthought- but it worked so that’s a minor thing.I did have a little trouble extending the legs at first.. then I figured out that if the dots are lined up– that means it is unlocked. It’s really durable too– it’s already withstood the dog somehow getting under it & knocking it down twice. (my dog is dumb)I felt a little vain getting one of these lights but you know what– it really is flattering & doesn’t have to just be a selfie light. It provides flattering light & cuts down on harsh shadows — which is SUPER helpful if you are not a 18 and a size 1… (anything to help hide wrinkles, double chins etc is always welcomed!)It also cuts down on red eye and pet eye, and was super-helpful when taking a pic of my nephew who always and I mean ALWAYS blinks with the flash.


  7. Nicole

    I love that this ring light comes together so easily. it comes with a US compatible plug (vs the full size ring light I have that is non US with a questionable converter) and a remote, and the tripod is a twist-lock mechanism.I like that the controls are on the cord so you can easily adjust them. I put this behind my monitor for video steaming so not having to touch the light itself to adjust is great.


  8. La Rissa Barreras

    I purchased this light because my house is not lit well and my child wanted to do videos and makeup tutorials but we couldn’t get enough light to even do her makeup correctly mush less a video.The light comes on a tripod so there’s no need to hold it, our phone fit perfectly into the holder and the remote to take pictures without reaching up into your video worked seamlessly with my phone.I am attaching photos with our regular home lighting which is horribly dim and also photos using the ring light. There’s an amazing difference! The light makes your complexion look closer to what it does outside in natural light and less yellow or red depending on the type of lights in your home.The ring is adjustable and it tilts down towards you for even more lighting. It came boxed nicely and all the parts were included and worked perfectly.This light is going to be a game changer for applying makeup and making videos. My daughter is over the moon excited for makeovers!

    La Rissa Barreras

  9. Victoria

    Large ringlight for a good price! Awesome light settings, and the remote works well! The tripod is a lot sturdier than I thought it would be, too. I havent figured out how to mount the phone in the center, but i’ll get there. The last picture is without it! We used the warm light setting at full brightness.


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